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After a remarkable and long experience in the production process in the agro-food industries, in compliance with the quality parameters and procedures, with a focus on increasingly competitive markets but demanding, the idea and the spirit of SoleTrade Srl.

Sole Trade Srl has as its objective a new way of serving large customers, with services “cost saving”, a savings without compromising the quality absolutely, which remains the strength of our products.

Careful ad hoc customization, both the product and logistics services make to allow us to be one of the most competitive companies in the realities of marketing of products made in Italy.

With the expertise of our employees and partner companies, we guarantee the execution of orders in record time with a degree of satisfaction of 100%.

The Sun Trade is mainly concentrated on the foreign market, where it has over 90% of his work, with an ever-watchful eye on environmental issues and overall competence in the bureaucratic and document management in exports.

We are lovers of Made in Italy 100% and preserve the values ​​and authenticity of the past, like the ancient traditions they wanted.

The peeled tomatoes, for example, one of our top products, the cult of the Italian product, strictly along (variety “Roma”), without skin, with a smell and freshness as freshly harvested.

We market with our brand “Sole”, “La Santa Maria”, “Taste Plus” as well as several private brands, some of them true leaders in its markets.


made in ITaly

san marzano tomatoes